SpeedyFox 1.6

A quick fix for slow browsers

SpeedyFox is a super-easy tool that will help speed up and refine Firefox. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Instant results


  • No options
  • No real explanation of effect


SpeedyFox is a super-easy tool that will help speed up and refine Firefox.

Simple is definitely one of the best ways to describe SpeedyFox, a one-window, no options tool to optimize the performance of Firefox. SpeedyFox claims to speed up Firefox by defragmenting its SQLITE databases. It says that these databases get out of shape over time, slowing down start-up and delaying operations with cookies and history.

When you open SpeedyFox, you are presented with a single window. You chose the Firefox profile you want to modify, its location and press the Speed Up My Firefox! button. A few seconds later, your Firefox is declared optimized - it couldn't be simpler! Firefox must be closed while SpeedyFox is working its magic, and the makers of the program assure that it doesn't interfere with your private data.

SpeedyFox isn't going to revolutionize your life, but it did shave a few seconds off start up time. Unfortunately, there's no actual evidence of what it has done or where. It describes the process briefly on the SpeedyFox website, but other than that, we just have to take the manufacturer's word for it.

Many people dogged by a slow Firefox will want to throw everything they have at the problem, while those who like a bit more substance to their tools will probably be more wary. The choice is yours…

What it does and how is a little unclear, but SpeedyFox will make Firefox just that little bit quicker.


  • Added option to run Firefox after optimization (also when running using command line). SQLite engine is updated to 3.7.4 version.


SpeedyFox 1.6